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Fast growing investment bank, Madison Street Capital

When compared to commercial banks, investment banks help private and public enterprises in bringing funds up in the Capital Markets, which are of debt and equity shares. In addition to that they offer vital consultative services to acquisitions, mergers, and… Continue Reading →

Texas Open Carry Passes Allowing Holstered Guns in Public

Lawmakers in Texas have approved new legislation to reverse a law pre-dating the Civil War. The new law will allow residents of the second most populated state in America to obtain licenses to carry holstered weapons in public. Texas is… Continue Reading →

Hillary 4 Latinos

Weeks ago, former First Lady Hillary Clinton made her bid for the Presidential Election. The response to Hillary‚Äôs bid was immediate. Supporters of the original Hillary campaign and fans of her husband Bill have hit the airwaves and internet soundboards… Continue Reading →

Mitt Romney Forges Ahead for 2016

  While the next presidential election is still two years away, Mitt Romney has emerged yet again as a potential contender. In 2012, Mitt Romney was nominated as the Republican candidate for the presidency. However, a number of factors impacted… Continue Reading →

Ferguson Citizens Exercising Their Gun Rights

Ken Griffin states that gun sales have increased in Ferguson, Missouri firearm stores in the wake of the grand jury decision. It is good to see citizens in fear of their safety taking actions to protect themselves. This is patriotic… Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Senate Keystone Pipeline XL Votes Holds High Stakes

The stakes are high for today’s Senate vote to end cloture on the bill authorizing the funding and construction of the Keystone Pipeline XL. On the one hand, it will demonstrate how willing the Senate Democrats are to accept the… Continue Reading →