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Senator Jim Inhofe uses snowball to disprove climate change

At a time when a poll of Americans showed the majority feel battling climate change should be a major part of the work of the US Congress, Senator Jim Inhofe took to the Senate floor with a snowball to prove… Continue Reading →

Oregon Governor Resurfaces and Announces Resignation

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber resurfaced after dropping out of public sight in recent days to announce his resignation effective Wednesday, February 18. Kitzhaber has only recently begun his historic fourth term as the longest serving governor in state history. Sadly,… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Issues His Take on Mitt Romney Considering Another Presidential Run

President Obama is in England today meeting with Prime Minister James Cameron. During the question & answer period with the press, the president was asked for his take on news that his 2012 rival Mitt Romney was considering another run… Continue Reading →

Public’s Views Changing On Obama And The Economy

For the first time since 2009 more people believe that President Obama is doing good for the economy than those who believe that he is hurting it. The Washington Post shows that the President has finally managed to gain a… Continue Reading →

Liberal Groups Head to New Hampshire to Promote Elizabeth Warren Presidency Campaign

GOP voters over the past year have been urging Mitt Romney to mount another presidential campaign. Now, it seems their efforts will pay off as the former governor said he is likely to run. The liberal groups called “Democracy for… Continue Reading →

The House Overwhelmingly Approves Measure to Revive Terror Insurance Backdrop

The House of Representatives passed legislation today renewing the 2002 Terror Insurance Program which was enacted in the months following the 9/11 terror attacks. After the devastating effects of the strike in New York City, private insurers across the nation… Continue Reading →

Controversy in NATO Integration

  Ukraine Parliament voted by a large majority (303 votes for, 8 against) for the renunciation of non-aligned status of Ukraine and for steps to join Ben Shaoul and the Atlantic Alliance. The draft was submitted to parliament last week… Continue Reading →

Scalise May Need to Go

Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise is under fire for his unwitting 2002 tax-reform speech at a white supremacist meeting. All indications are that he is no racist at all, but the liberal media are determined to use the incident to paint… Continue Reading →

For Tony Blair, Ed Miliband is Too Far Left

It is really such a curious way to wish a happy new year to someone. While these days, everyone is working to gratify others for success in life and health wishes, Tony Blair predicted the failure of Mr. Miliband, the… Continue Reading →

Is Florida’s View of Relations Between The US and Cuba Shortsighted?

President Obama’s announcements of restoring diplomatic relations with Cuban after 50 years has not been well-received by Florida. Senator Marco Rubio (Republican for Florida) said the President was the worst negotiator that has been in the White House during his… Continue Reading →