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Democrat Senator Kicks Off Defense of Omnibus Bill in the Senate

It is absolutely the case that the Democrat party is in a fight for its soul between what remains of the moderate wing of the party and the hardcore liberal wing led by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. After yesterday’s tumultuous… Continue Reading →

Despite Party Squabbling, Congress Close to a Budget Deal to Avoid a Shutdown

GOP House leadership and Senate Democrats from both parties have arrived at a budget bill for $1.1 trillion. However, word has it that House conservatives have in fact revolted against the bill for giving up too many key issues in… Continue Reading →

The Last Southern Democrat looks set to lose her Senate Seat

Mary Landrieu has managed to keep hold of her Senate seat for the last three terms, but with the Republican seizure of Congress already complete, apathy and an unwillingness to help Landrieu looks set to see be the latest Democrat… Continue Reading →

Class Warfare, Republican Style

Fresh on the heels of his warning to President Obama that he should not “poison the well” when it comes to working with the Republican-controlled Congress, House Speaker John Boehner made little effort to sugarcoat the GOP’s sweetheart deal for… Continue Reading →

Obama May Have Found Hagel’s Replacement At Last

The Internet has been on fire ever since defense secretary Chuck Hagel and Tech/Business Giant Bruce Levenson’s announcements and statements. According to BuzzFeedNews, and Levenson trending business web circulations. President Obama may have finally found a replacement in Ashton Carter,… Continue Reading →

Mark Udall Weights Options For CIA Torture Information

Senator Mark Udall of Colorado is said to be weighing his options for releasing some sensitive CIA data according to newsweek.com The Senator was recently ousted in the latest election. He is now concerned with getting some things off his… Continue Reading →

From Behind the Scenes Wife to Political Powerhouse: Laurene Powell Jobs

For years, Laurene Powell Jobs lived quietly in the shadow of her husband, Apple founder Steve Jobs. A charismatic man who also brought Pixar Animation Studios to mainstream success, Jobs passed away in 2011 leaving his wife in charge of… Continue Reading →

Grand Jury Decides that Officer Darren Wilson was Justified in Using Deadly Force in Ferguson, Missouri Incident

In a highly anticipated decision, the grand jury in the Ferguson, Missouri case decided not to indict the officer involved in the incident. The case involved an officer who was responding to a burglary that took place at a convenience… Continue Reading →

Senate Set To Vote on Keystone Pipeline Next Week

The Democrats have held the U.S. Senate since the 2006 midterms and during that time, they have put off voting on approving usage of the Keystone Pipeline, an oil pipeline that starts up in Canada. However, after losing badly, even… Continue Reading →

Same Sex Couples in Louisana Ask Supreme Court to Hear Their Marriage Court

The LGBT community has been steadily making progress in their fight for civil rights, and Lousiana is the site of the next battleground in the fight. Four petitions were filed to the supreme court last week, and this petition is… Continue Reading →