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Mr. Bruce Levenson and how he Helped the NBA Grow Exponentially

The NBA, formally known as the National Basketball Association, is the world’s most popular professional basketball organization. The NBA oversees the operations of thirty teams. 29 of those teams are located within the contiguous United States of America, and one… Continue Reading →

Achievements Recorded at Citadel under the Watchful Eye of Kenneth Griffin

Owing to the development of new products and services, businesses have been forced to focus on consumer needs and preferences. Market research has been undertaken with the view to comprehend the needs of the market and provide solutions to such… Continue Reading →

Contributions Made By James Dondero At Highland Capital Management

From time to time companies require extra capital for expansion, new machinery or a bail out to recover from a financial crisis. When they need extra capital, most corporations turn to investment banks that help them in raising capital and… Continue Reading →

President Obama Makes It Clear He No Longer Has Restraints on Furthering His Agenda During Lame Duck Years

Anyone expecting President Obama to begin wrapping up his presidency during the lame duck session are grossly mistaken. At the annual White House Correspondents’ Association this past Saturday, the president adopted a new term to underscore his attitude about constitutional… Continue Reading →

Biden visits three early primary states, but remains a Presidential afterthought

The Democratic party may have been expecting a procession to the Presidential nomination for the 2016 election for Hilary Clinton, but Vice President Joe Biden could throw a spanner into the works, The Atlantic reports. Biden has made public statements claiming to… Continue Reading →

Federal Judge Rules Gay Marriage Ban In Nebraska Is Unconstitutional

U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon Calls Nebraska’s Ban An Unabashedly Gender-Specific Infringement Of The Equal Rights Of Its Citizens. There may be a flicker of hope in Nebraska. Federal Judge Joseph Bataillon issues an injunction brought about by seven same-sex… Continue Reading →

Bruce Levenson’s Ownership Tenure With The Hawks

Bruce Levenson became the principal owner of the Atlanta Hawks when the ownership group he belonged to essentially broke down in a court battle. He was seen as the one person who could lead the franchise out of such a… Continue Reading →

Recreational Marijuana Is Putting A Smile On The Faces Of Colorado Lawmakers

Colorado Deposits $44 Million In Recreational Pot Taxes In The State’s Bank If there was any doubt that legalizing recreational marijuana is a good business move for states, that doubt has been erased. Even though the Colorado forecasted about $70… Continue Reading →

Another Bush Plans To Run For President of the United States of America

Move over George W and George HW Bush. Make way for the new Bush candidate for presidency. Jeb Bush, 61, announced he is “actively” exploring running for president. According to Buzzfeed, Jeb Bush announced in a recent Facebook post that… Continue Reading →

Congress Votes to Increase Our Understanding of the Universe

There is at least one good thing about the House budget bill currently being hotly debated in the U.S. Senate. NASA will be receiving even more money than it requested. They will be getting $500 million more to be exact…. Continue Reading →