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The Last Southern Democrat looks set to lose her Senate Seat

Mary Landrieu has managed to keep hold of her Senate seat for the last three terms, but with the Republican seizure of Congress already complete, apathy and an unwillingness to help Landrieu looks set to see be the latest Democrat… Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi Denies that Losses in the House & Senate Indicate GOP Wave

In the 2014 mid-term elections, the GOP won 8 senate seats of which four seats belonged to sitting Democrat incumbents. If the Louisiana Senate run-off election on December 6 goes to the GOP, the total pick up will be 9… Continue Reading →

GOP Picks Up 8th Senate Seat in Alaska

With the ongoing Alaska Senate vote count now showing the GOP candidate with an insurmountable lead, CNN has called the election in his favor. This means that Republican Dan Sullivan has unseated first-term Democrat Senator Mark Begich . Currently, the… Continue Reading →

Election Results & John Boehner’s Post Election News Conference Get Big Attention

Speaker of the House John Boehner, held a news conference after the new mid-term elections, that is catching people attention today. In strong and deliberate words, he warned President Obama, about trying to act by executive order on immigration. Among… Continue Reading →

Obama To Nominate Loretta Lynch For Attorney General

President Obama is set to nominate Loretta Lynch for the position of US Attorney General. If her nomination is successful, Lynch will become the first african-american woman to hold the position in the United States. Lynch, a Brooklyn prosecutor, will… Continue Reading →

Mid-Term Ballot Initiatives Cast an Interesting Spin on the GOP Wave

While no one can deny the historic GOP victory at the polls, some on the political Left are using ballot initiatives regarding raising the minimum wage, restricting abortion rights, and legalizing marijuana to call into question the GOP mandate. It… Continue Reading →

Problems Abound For Pollsters

However, the majority of wins were from races that were held in red states. This means that the significance of the morose news being reported is being highly exaggerated. The most significant losers were pollsters that once again misjudged the… Continue Reading →

Recreational Marijuana Legalised

A poll was organised in several cities. Following the examples of Washington and Colorado, which were the first to accept the plant as legal in 2012, 18 states have joined the list by accepting it. While support draws from its… Continue Reading →

Soda Busted Open With Tax Vote

With the drastic increase in obesity in recent years, it is becoming more and more important for consumer to be aware of what they are putting in their bodies. But, how far should this “awareness” go, and what should it… Continue Reading →

If GOP Gains Five Seats Instead of Six, Biden Wins

The Republicans seem on the verge, many agree, of seizing control of the U.S. Senate this mid-term election. They need to gain six seats to accomplish this feat, but if the fail by one vote, the Senate will stand at… Continue Reading →