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Marriage Equality

Same-Sex Couples Demand Marriage Right in Louisiana

Across the United States there has been some states that have declared same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional. These states have imposed a ban denying same-sex couples to get married. Kansas recently joined the states that will have to allow same-sex… Continue Reading →

Same Sex Couples in Louisana Ask Supreme Court to Hear Their Marriage Court

The LGBT community has been steadily making progress in their fight for civil rights, and Lousiana is the site of the next battleground in the fight. Four petitions were filed to the supreme court last week, and this petition is… Continue Reading →

South Carolina Judge Overturns Same Sex Marriage Law

In South Carolina a judge overturned the ban against gay marriages, making it legal for same sex marriages to be performed. The U.S. Supreme Court has also allowed Kansas to now be the 33rd state to legalize gay marriages. These… Continue Reading →