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GOP Congresswoman Mia Love Comes Out in Support of Rep. Steve Scalise

  Congresswoman Mia Love, the first Black Republican woman elected to the House of Representatives, appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and weighed in on the issue of whether Congressman Steve Scalise should retain his post as House Majority Whip. A… Continue Reading →

Two GOP Secretaries of State Go Over Pros-Cons of All-Mail Elections

The states of Washington, Colorado, and Oregon conduct all-mail elections. It seems like a step back into the past and not everyone favors the practice, but two GOP secretaries of state offer up their own views on the process. One… Continue Reading →

Mark Udall Weights Options For CIA Torture Information

Senator Mark Udall of Colorado is said to be weighing his options for releasing some sensitive CIA data according to newsweek.com The Senator was recently ousted in the latest election. He is now concerned with getting some things off his… Continue Reading →

GOP Making Inroads with Black Voters

No one is saying that the GOP has returned to their prior status with African-American voters where they regularly vied for majority share of the votes cast among this key demographic vote. The mistrust of the GOP that started with… Continue Reading →

The Logic Behind No Logic: Politics for Principles

Sometimes, a person’s irrational behavior tells the most about them. Reporting by The Huffington Post suggests that stalwart Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Pauls’ logic behind his “No” vote regarding a sweeping NSA bill may relate to the PATRIOT ACT’s extension…. Continue Reading →

Number Of Homeless Children Rise While Congress Continues To Do Nothing

In 2010, America unfortunately had 1.6 million homeless children that number has now spiked to 2.5 million homeless children under the the do nothing congress. This report came from the National Center on Family Homelessness. The chronically homeless and homeless… Continue Reading →

Michigan Legislature Battles on Nondiscrimination Proposal

The nation-wide effort to provide job protection rights to LGBT employees is heavily funded by advocates. However, the measure in front of the Michigan state legislature is in danger of not passing despite the recent momentum for the bill. Activists… Continue Reading →

Reid Declares Democrats Will Not Obstruct GOP Senate Rule

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid broke his silence on the GOP wave that swept his party out of power. Reid pledged that Democrats would not play obstructionist policies. It was a curious remark coming from the person who blocked… Continue Reading →

Mid-Term Ballot Initiatives Cast an Interesting Spin on the GOP Wave

While no one can deny the historic GOP victory at the polls, some on the political Left are using ballot initiatives regarding raising the minimum wage, restricting abortion rights, and legalizing marijuana to call into question the GOP mandate. It… Continue Reading →

If GOP Gains Five Seats Instead of Six, Biden Wins

The Republicans seem on the verge, many agree, of seizing control of the U.S. Senate this mid-term election. They need to gain six seats to accomplish this feat, but if the fail by one vote, the Senate will stand at… Continue Reading →