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Top EOS Lip Balms for your Everyday Needs

A dash of tint will give you that perfect lip that you have been looking for! Lip balm, such as EOS lip balm, is a wax-like substance that is used to help soothe lips that are dry and chapped. Lip… Continue Reading →

Fabletics-What is All the Buzz About?

Fabletics is an online company started by Kate Hudson in 2011. What’s the big deal, you ask, the internet is full celebrity start-ups. This brand is different, and everyone is talking about it from talk shows to blogs. Fabletics is… Continue Reading →

Wen By Chaz Cleansing Shampoo

Many hair product users today have a hard time getting dirt and grime out of hair. The hair products that can get the dirt out typically leave hair looking worn and rough. However, Wen Hair is a product that can… Continue Reading →

Fabletics, The Sexy Athletic Trend-Setter by Kate Hudson

Fabletics is the hottest trend in athletic gear that brings you from day to night. It’s a line of fabulous clothes for workouts and even working at the office. They show off the unique curves of the body while keeping… Continue Reading →