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George Soros Goes Over Asylum Plan

The European Union on georgesoros.com has dealt with a lot of issues that is leading to its downfall. Among the issues is the handling of the refugees. One thing that the EU is dealing with is a need for a… Continue Reading →

Basic Information About Investing In Gold

Gold is a great way for people to investment because it generally retain its value. The value of gold is dependent upon the stability of the dollar. When the dollar is doing well then gold prices will decrease but when… Continue Reading →

Do Economists Believe the Federal Reserve is Good for the Economy?

The Federal Reserve came into being over a hundred years ago. The modern American financial system is built around this system. A lot of people don’t know why the federal reserve exists. Many famous presidents have actually considered trying to… Continue Reading →

Economist’s Profile- Christian Broda

Economics is the social science used to determine how the transferring, consumption, and production of wealth is allocated. Economists are the professionals of this social science. They are very valuable for the government and private sectors for forecasting, and other… Continue Reading →

MIT Graduate Student Says Income Equality Is About Housing

26-year-old MIT Graduate Student, Matthew Rognlie Has An Alternate Theory Of Inequality And It Has To Do With Housing The rich get richer around the world. They get richer because they have the capital to invest. The rich invest in… Continue Reading →