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Finding a Good Defense Attorney

There are many cases when someone is going to need a defense attorney in Brazil. This is especially the case for people that are being unfairly prosecuted. Perhaps they are being accused of something that they haven’t done. In this… Continue Reading →

Clinton Foundation Acknowledges That It Made Accounting Errors

The spokesperson for the Bill and Hillary Foundation stated that after an internal as well as an external review of its accounting practices over the past several years, it has uncovered some accounting errors and is working quickly to correct… Continue Reading →

Biden visits three early primary states, but remains a Presidential afterthought

The Democratic party may have been expecting a procession to the Presidential nomination for the 2016 election for Hilary Clinton, but Vice President Joe Biden could throw a spanner into the works,┬áThe Atlantic┬áreports. Biden has made public statements claiming to… Continue Reading →

Wealthy Politicians Spend $1 Million a Year on Private Air Travel

The 2014 election has ended and the winners rejoiced in their victory; the losers contemplated their next political move. Millions of dollars were spent by political candidates while campaigning all over the United States. The Clintons were a major part… Continue Reading →