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Martina Hingis Takes The Role Of Brand Ambassador For QNET

The independent representatives of QI Group congregate every year in order celebrate the achievements the company has made. The V-convention seeks to bring the representatives together as a way of appreciating its success. In 2015, V-convention took place in Dubai… Continue Reading →

Madison Street Capital Offering Up Investment Assistance And Advice

Investing is a difficult proposition for most individuals who are not professionals in the matter. Even many professionals struggle with this kind of a service. That is exactly why it is necessary to go with a company that has been… Continue Reading →

James Dondero; The President of Highland Capital Management

Investment banking is essential to many corporations and investors around the world. Investment banking companies make sure that corporations and investors are putting their money in the right place. The experts at these companies make investment moves that are likely… Continue Reading →

Operations At Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a close-end fund investment company that manages structured and distressed investment, and hedge funds. The company invests in public equity, structured products, high yield bonds, fixed income, and hedging markets. History of the Company In 1990,… Continue Reading →

Things You Need to Understand While Choosing an Investment

Coming up with a profitable venture is what every investor bears in mind. Despite presence of many fields that one can venture in, some people find it challenging to choose an ideal area for investing. Most of this delay can… Continue Reading →

Atop the Heap

Say the phrase talent management, and pictures of Hollywood talent agents come to mind. Nothing could be further from the truth about executive level professional talent management. Talent mangers are specifically tasked with building an exceedingly qualified team to represent… Continue Reading →

How Economists Work: The Culture Of The Job

Economists explore time-intensive to cultivate a rich interpretation of the behavior of society as it pertains to them using scarce economic resources. This often includes the machinery used in production, labor, land and/or raw materials. An economist’s primary function involves… Continue Reading →

Joseph Bismark in His Own Words

I’ve been hearing a lot about Joseph Bismark. I’ve liked what I have heard about him so much that I have decided that I want to hear what he has to say directly from the man himself. So I looked… Continue Reading →

Bruce Levenson’s Ownership Tenure With The Hawks

Bruce Levenson became the principal owner of the Atlanta Hawks when the ownership group he belonged to essentially broke down in a court battle. He was seen as the one person who could lead the franchise out of such a… Continue Reading →

Sony Hack Reveals That Jennifer Lawrence Was Paid Less

The Sony hack has been the topic of news lately, and it revealed many information’s that we’re not privy to people before. Jennifer Lawrence, who is one of the biggest stars right now, did a movie entitled “American Hustle,” along… Continue Reading →