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Thanks To Sanjay Shah, Solo Capital Saved My Nest Egg

Investing for the future can be a complicated task that has left many with tons of questions on what type of investment strategy that will give them a high yield return. I have searched for many professionals to help steer… Continue Reading →

Madison Street Capital’s Hedge Fund Performance Analysis

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is a banking investment firm representing clients around the world. WIth dealings in both the public and private sectors, MSC handles, at any time, over 100 unique contracts. In addition to investment… Continue Reading →

A Quick Look at Highland Capital’s Q3 Stocks

Highland Capital Management on 24/12/215 filed its quarterly 13F.The SEC filing showed that the hedge fund has a portfolio value of $3.43 billion. Compared to the previous quarter that was $4.91 billion this is a decrease of $1.48 billion. Around… Continue Reading →

Life of Ricardo Guimarães,the President of Banco BMG

It is often said that people who are born with silver spoons in their mouths feel entitled, but it takes a great person to see past the family wealth and work hard to make a name for him or herself…. Continue Reading →

Charles Koch Reveals Why He wants The Criminal System Changed

In a surprising turn of events, Charles Koch has taken a seemingly liberal and Democrat stance on the criminal justice in America. He has termed the system as archaic and a gross miscarriage of justice. Charles Koch was speaking via… Continue Reading →

On The Stock Recovery And A Dondero Led Surge

The equities market is already showing signs of recovery buoyed a rise in oil prices. Most US stocks ended the week with big wins with Apple reporting a 5% increase in valuation. It was the 1st time they had closed… Continue Reading →

The Manse on Marsh, Assisted Living with Style

The Manse on Marsh, assisted living community has a unique new concept that seems like home, only better. Similar to living in a luxury hotel, The Manse offers all of the things that you love about your home with none… Continue Reading →

Banco BMG’s Bank Executive Marcio Alaor Life History

Marcio Alaor was born in Santo Antonio town and currently lives in Rio. Alaor is a known entrepreneur and an in investor. He works with Banco BMG bank as a senior executive. Executive Alaor recently made a release on Tag… Continue Reading →

Koch is Not Happy with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

Two billionaires have been involved in the Republican Party. They are known as the Koch brother. Charles Koch, however is not happy with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Charles G. Koch is a little concern with the direction that Donald… Continue Reading →

Highland Capital Management: Finishing Strong in 2015

According to an online article on Octafinance.com, Highland Capital Management LP released its third quarter report. The report values the hedge fund company’s portfolio value at $3.43 billion. The article points out that this filing represents less than a quarter… Continue Reading →