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Charles Koch Ponders Waging A War Against Donald Trump

Many people are wondering if Billionaire industrialist and conservative-leaning businessman Charles Koch can throw a monkey wrench in Donald Trump’s plans to win the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. In 2012, Koch, along with his younger brother, David, raised over $400… Continue Reading →

Looking Forward: Madison Street Capital Still A Formidable Competitor In 2016

Financial markets have recovered nicely, with strong performances from champion investment banking firms. Amidst last year’s strongest performers with impressive M&A hedge fund transactions is Chicago’s Madison Street Capital. The outlook for 2016 looks equally promising as the middle-market hedge… Continue Reading →

How Sanjay Shah And Solo Capital Work To Help Others

Solo Capital is a London based brokerage and investment firm. They offer advice and guidance for not only understanding the market, but also money in general. They also offer a number of other monetary devices to help grow wealth, start… Continue Reading →

Dunkin’ Donuts Seeks Angry Starbucks Rewards Customers

Dunkin’ Donuts (DNKN) is hoping to grab a portion of the Starbucks (SBUX.O) customers upset with the revision to the loyalty program. Starbucks customers voiced their displeasure with the program that gives greater consideration to high-priced beverage drinkers over frequent… Continue Reading →

CAD, Hedge Funds, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and Kyle Bass

Politics abound in every echelon of life. Some working the game play by the book, some don’t, and like the yin and the yang, the two kinds of political players seem to exist in constant struggle with one another. There… Continue Reading →

Solo Capital Markets Thrives Under Sanjay Shah’s Management

Solo Capital Partners, also referred to as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK, was incorporated in 2011 with headquarters in London, England and regulated in the UK. As an international boutique financial services company, Solo Capital Partners specializes in… Continue Reading →

Thanks To Sanjay Shah, Solo Capital Saved My Nest Egg

Investing for the future can be a complicated task that has left many with tons of questions on what type of investment strategy that will give them a high yield return. I have searched for many professionals to help steer… Continue Reading →

Madison Street Capital’s Hedge Fund Performance Analysis

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is a banking investment firm representing clients around the world. WIth dealings in both the public and private sectors, MSC handles, at any time, over 100 unique contracts. In addition to investment… Continue Reading →

Charles Koch Reveals Why He wants The Criminal System Changed

In a surprising turn of events, Charles Koch has taken a seemingly liberal and Democrat stance on the criminal justice in America. He has termed the system as archaic and a gross miscarriage of justice. Charles Koch was speaking via… Continue Reading →

On The Stock Recovery And A Dondero Led Surge

The equities market is already showing signs of recovery buoyed a rise in oil prices. Most US stocks ended the week with big wins with Apple reporting a 5% increase in valuation. It was the 1st time they had closed… Continue Reading →