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Payroll Behemoth BMG Breaking Barriers

BMG is an ever expanding financial facility that first started as a credit extending businesss for the automobile sector. Now, their main focus in the vertical is extending loans for payroll and is now considered the gold standard in Brazil… Continue Reading →

Marcio Alaor’s Report On Netflix In 2016

Netflix is the market leader in enterprise streaming videos and true to its motive it has been making great progress in the early 2016. With an expansion to many countries, the company is all set to cover more than twice… Continue Reading →

Brazilian Marcio Alaor, Entrepreneur and Executive BMG

Marcio Alaor is the head executive of the Brazilian bank BMG and is by far one of the largest and most well known executives in Brazil. Marcio Alaor seems to always be in the headlines pertaining to new technologies and… Continue Reading →

Marcio And His Outrageous Success

Marcio Alaor is one of the most successful people that the BMG bank has ever seen. Not because he is the vice president, but because of where he came from before he worked for the bank. He had to work… Continue Reading →

Life of Ricardo GuimarĂ£es,the President of Banco BMG

It is often said that people who are born with silver spoons in their mouths feel entitled, but it takes a great person to see past the family wealth and work hard to make a name for him or herself…. Continue Reading →

Belo Horizonte City Council Honors Leading Sponsor of Sport in Brazil, Ricardo Guimaraes

Ricardo Guimaraes has been the head of the family business, BMG bank, since 1998. BMG bank has become a leader in payroll loans. This success is attributed to the skillful management of Ricardo Guimaraes. He has overseen the growth of… Continue Reading →

Banco BMG’s Bank Executive Marcio Alaor Life History

Marcio Alaor was born in Santo Antonio town and currently lives in Rio. Alaor is a known entrepreneur and an in investor. He works with Banco BMG bank as a senior executive. Executive Alaor recently made a release on Tag… Continue Reading →

Ricard Guimaraes: A Leader in Brazilian Entrepreneurship

A recent online article on R7.com released the results of a study that was a joint effort of Endeavor and Meta, the British research institute. Ricardo Guimaraes, CEO of Banco BMG, noted that the study profiled Brazilian entrepreneurs as high… Continue Reading →

Ricardo GuimarĂ£es And The Success Of BMG

As one of the top banks in Brazil, BMG has risen to its position through many different trials and issues. The video chronicles the way that the bank has been able to become one of the most successful despite issues… Continue Reading →

BMG Vice President Marcio Alaor Honored For His Work In Rural Brazil

The city of Santo Antonio do Monte in central Brazil has recently been celebrating its annual agricultural exhibition that is a major event in the calendar of the local community. At this years 33rd annual exhibition the local community took… Continue Reading →