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All About the NCEDC and The Man Behind Their Mission

Via their official website (NewarkCEDC.org) the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation also known as the NEDC is dedicated to community structured growth and economic success and sustainability. Succession the community is based on the ability for growth and expansion. Not… Continue Reading →

Millennials with Tattoos and the Current Job Market

As tattoos and body modifications continue to be all the rage with millennials, many may have to rethink their personal fashion choices in order to meet the requirements of the current job market. As reported by Reuters, approximately 40% of… Continue Reading →

GOP Leaders Eying Consumption Taxes to Close Budget Shortfalls

Despite the class envy often pushed by the political left about the rich not paying their fair share of taxes, the top 2% of income earners pay over 50% of the taxes. Fully one in three people do not pay… Continue Reading →

Lawmakers from Both Parties Finding Fault with President Obama’s AUMF Draft

  Congress has finally prodded President Obama to submit a draft for a new Authorization on the Use of Military Force (AUMF). The bill would grant the president the authority to deal with the Islamic State of Iraq and the… Continue Reading →

Republicans Could Lose Substantial Gains with Stance on Measles

After finally taking back both houses of the legislative branch there were hopes by many on the right of brighter days ahead of them especially as the country heads into the Presidential election in 2016. However, with the recent stances… Continue Reading →

Another American Dies From Ebola

Dr. Martin Salia, a 44 year old surgeon, is its latest Ebola victim in America. He was a native of Sierra Leone, and went back to his home country to treat ebola victims there. Many people wonder why he would… Continue Reading →

US Marshal’s Legal Invasion of Privacy

My friend Mark Ahn isn’t always onboard with my ideas, but this time I saw something shared on CrunchBase that may be enough to get him to believe me. So here we go man. Conspiracy theories of the government hacking… Continue Reading →

Bush II Talks About ISIS and Both Gulf Wars

Former President George Bush (the younger) has expressed regrets over the rise of ISIS in Iraq but nevertheless defends his decision to invade and overthrow Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship in 2003. He calls ISIS “Al-Qaeda plus” and has said that he… Continue Reading →