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2016 And Beyond

Rand Paul Cannot Run For President And Senate Says Allison Grimes

Allison Grimes, the current Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky has made the statement that Rand Paul will not be allowed to run for both the Senate and the Presidency at the same time. Kentucky law makes it… Continue Reading →

From Behind the Scenes Wife to Political Powerhouse: Laurene Powell Jobs

For years, Laurene Powell Jobs lived quietly in the shadow of her husband, Apple founder Steve Jobs. A charismatic man who also brought Pixar Animation Studios to mainstream success, Jobs passed away in 2011 leaving his wife in charge of… Continue Reading →

GOP Making Inroads with Black Voters

No one is saying that the GOP has returned to their prior status with African-American voters where they regularly vied for majority share of the votes cast among this key demographic vote. The mistrust of the GOP that started with… Continue Reading →

Nancy Pelosi Denies that Losses in the House & Senate Indicate GOP Wave

In the 2014 mid-term elections, the GOP won 8 senate seats of which four seats belonged to sitting Democrat incumbents. If the Louisiana Senate run-off election on December 6 goes to the GOP, the total pick up will be 9… Continue Reading →

Democrat’s May Feel Defeats Passed 2020

The Democrats major losses last Tuesday may pose a large threat to the party. The loss of control in the Senate, and further erosion of the House have implications beyond the next two years. The Democrats have been defeated the… Continue Reading →