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What Is All This Talk About Samir Tabar? Who Is This Guy?

If you have been paying attention to the capital strategy market you might be asking yourself who in the world is Sam Tabar and why are people talking about him? For those of you that have no clue, Sam Tabar… Continue Reading →

Brad Reifler Develops A Team Of Expert Employees

Known for his avid involvement in strategic investment management Brad Reifler is an integral figure in the competitive financial industry. Notably, his sustained passion for capitalizing on niche market opportunities encouraged him to launch Forefront Capital in 2014 after generating… Continue Reading →


Since he announced his bid for the republican presidential nomination on Tuesday, Donald J. Trump has inspired many reactions and opinions from different groups. Most notable is the reaction from the GOP. In addition to announcing his bid, Trump also… Continue Reading →

Governor Chris Christie Will Outlaw Weed!

Governor Chris Christie is currently in charge of the great state of New Jersey, but he has aspirations to become the President of the United States. However, several people do not wish Governor Chris Christie luck in the 2016 presidential… Continue Reading →

Republican Candidate Ben Carson Uses Foreign Stock Content in Campaign

Ben Carson is facing some heavy criticism after launching his first advertisement for a campaign that focuses on securing his position as republican candidate in the upcoming presidential race. The ad, which runs for just over four minutes, consists almost… Continue Reading →

Hillary, her way.

The TPP is an acronym for Trans Pacific Partnership. This the controversial trade deal with 12 pacific nations. The deal has been lauded by republicans, but is also hated by democrats. This is especially true for progressives. The de facto… Continue Reading →

Hillary’s Scandalous Background May Ruin Her

Hillary Clinton is hoping that she can become the first woman president in the history of America. Clinton ran in the 2008 elections, but she lost to President Barack Obama. Many people thought that Hillary Clinton gave up her presidential… Continue Reading →

Rand Paul Gets His Footing In Foreign Policy in New Hampshire

Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul got his first taste of being on the campaign trail by attending a caucus in New Hampshire. The first primary in the republican nomination process is in New Hampshire and Paul was hammered on his… Continue Reading →

Biden visits three early primary states, but remains a Presidential afterthought

The Democratic party may have been expecting a procession to the Presidential nomination for the 2016 election for Hilary Clinton, but Vice President Joe Biden could throw a spanner into the works,┬áThe Atlantic┬áreports. Biden has made public statements claiming to… Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton Supports Obama on Restoring Cuban Diplomatic Ties

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, has weighed in on President Obama restoring diplomatic ties with Communist Cuba. Speaking to the press, Mrs. Clinton express her support of the president’s actions. She explained that Cuba needs its people exposed… Continue Reading →