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If GOP Gains Five Seats Instead of Six, Biden Wins

The Republicans seem on the verge, many agree, of seizing control of the U.S. Senate this mid-term election. They need to gain six seats to accomplish this feat, but if the fail by one vote, the Senate will stand at… Continue Reading →

The War On Drugs Largely Misguided In The U.S.

In 2012, both Colorado and Washington approved the recreational use of marijuana, yet possession or use of marijuana remains criminal in all other states. This illustrates the extent to which the war on drugs in the U.S. is largely misguided,… Continue Reading →

“Less Than 2000” Women Sued Georgia Republican Nominee For Pay Discrimination

David Perdue, who is currently running for the office of Senator in Georgia, has experienced some issues with pay discrimination in the past. In fact, according to an article recently published by the Mother Jones website, the Georgia Republican candidate… Continue Reading →

Congressional Ebola Hearing: Concerns & Complaints

In response to the latest Ebola case in the U.S, lawmakers and public health officials met to discuss their main concerns regarding the problem of how to tackle this deadly virus. Four main issues came to the fore at the… Continue Reading →

Congressman Concerned About Ebola Mutation

Republican congressman Jeff Duncan has called for a travel ban on West African nations that are currently suffering from the Ebola virus. Duncan has strongly questioned if the Ebola can be airborne and thinks research that would determine this should… Continue Reading →

7.6 Billion Gone To Waste In The War On Drugs In Afghanistan

Once again, it has been revealed that the war on drugs is failing. A recent report showing that the 7.6 billion dollar campaign to put a dent in the Afghani opium trade has given little to no positive result. Afghani… Continue Reading →

Nikki Haley Says It’s OK To Wave The Confederate Flag if CEOs Don’t Complain

In a pretty controversial move, the Republican Governor Nikki Haley has adorned the local state building with a confederate flag. Somewhat controversial, and divisive, because it’s representative of one of the bloodiest wars ever fought on United States’ soil. Several… Continue Reading →