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Senate Set To Vote on Keystone Pipeline Next Week

The Democrats have held the U.S. Senate since the 2006 midterms and during that time, they have put off voting on approving usage of the Keystone Pipeline, an oil pipeline that starts up in Canada. However, after losing badly, even… Continue Reading →

Same Sex Couples in Louisana Ask Supreme Court to Hear Their Marriage Court

The LGBT community has been steadily making progress in their fight for civil rights, and Lousiana is the site of the next battleground in the fight. Four petitions were filed to the supreme court last week, and this petition is… Continue Reading →

FSU Shooter Identified

Florida State University is still reeling from the terror filled shooting at a campus library. Details are slowly beginning to be released including the identity of the shooter. Myron D. May was formerly a student at FSU and worked as… Continue Reading →

Several Major TV Networks Will Not Be Carrying President Obama’s Speech on Immigration

Several networks will not be carrying President Obama’s prime time address to the nation on immigration. The announcement from the White House says President Obama will speak on the broken immigration system and the steps he’s taking to fix it…. Continue Reading →

The Logic Behind No Logic: Politics for Principles

Sometimes, a person’s irrational behavior tells the most about them. Reporting by The Huffington Post suggests that stalwart Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Pauls’ logic behind his “No” vote regarding a sweeping NSA bill may relate to the PATRIOT ACT’s extension…. Continue Reading →

Ferguson Citizens Exercising Their Gun Rights

Ken Griffin states that gun sales have increased in Ferguson, Missouri firearm stores in the wake of the grand jury decision. It is good to see citizens in fear of their safety taking actions to protect themselves. This is patriotic… Continue Reading →

Another American Dies From Ebola

Dr. Martin Salia, a 44 year old surgeon, is its latest Ebola victim in America. He was a native of Sierra Leone, and went back to his home country to treat ebola victims there. Many people wonder why he would… Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Senate Keystone Pipeline XL Votes Holds High Stakes

The stakes are high for today’s Senate vote to end cloture on the bill authorizing the funding and construction of the Keystone Pipeline XL. On the one hand, it will demonstrate how willing the Senate Democrats are to accept the… Continue Reading →

Number Of Homeless Children Rise While Congress Continues To Do Nothing

In 2010, America unfortunately had 1.6 million homeless children that number has now spiked to 2.5 million homeless children under the the do nothing congress. This report came from the National Center on Family Homelessness. The chronically homeless and homeless… Continue Reading →

US Marshal’s Legal Invasion of Privacy

My friend Mark Ahn isn’t always onboard with my ideas, but this time I saw something shared on CrunchBase that may be enough to get him to believe me. So here we go man. Conspiracy theories of the government hacking… Continue Reading →