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Options Available to the GOP to Counter Obama’s Attempt to Normalize Relations with Cuba

GOP leaders are mulling over what options to take over the president’s surprise attempt to normalize relations with Cuba ending Kennedy-era sanctions that have remained in place for 53 years. Thus far, the president has only nibbled away at the… Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton Supports Obama on Restoring Cuban Diplomatic Ties

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, has weighed in on President Obama restoring diplomatic ties with Communist Cuba. Speaking to the press, Mrs. Clinton express her support of the president’s actions. She explained that Cuba needs its people exposed… Continue Reading →

Rand Paul Cannot Run For President And Senate Says Allison Grimes

Allison Grimes, the current Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky has made the statement that Rand Paul will not be allowed to run for both the Senate and the Presidency at the same time. Kentucky law makes it… Continue Reading →

Another Bush Plans To Run For President of the United States of America

Move over George W and George HW Bush. Make way for the new Bush candidate for presidency. Jeb Bush, 61, announced he is “actively” exploring running for president. According to Buzzfeed, Jeb Bush announced in a recent Facebook post that… Continue Reading →

Two GOP Secretaries of State Go Over Pros-Cons of All-Mail Elections

The states of Washington, Colorado, and Oregon conduct all-mail elections. It seems like a step back into the past and not everyone favors the practice, but two GOP secretaries of state offer up their own views on the process. One… Continue Reading →

Congress Votes to Increase Our Understanding of the Universe

There is at least one good thing about the House budget bill currently being hotly debated in the U.S. Senate. NASA will be receiving even more money than it requested. They will be getting $500 million more to be exact…. Continue Reading →

Democrat Senator Kicks Off Defense of Omnibus Bill in the Senate

It is absolutely the case that the Democrat party is in a fight for its soul between what remains of the moderate wing of the party and the hardcore liberal wing led by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. After yesterday’s tumultuous… Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Vote on Omnibus Bill Delayed

House Conservatives and Liberals have succeeded for the time being to delay a vote on the Omnibus bill. At this time, House Speaker John Boehner will not be bringing the bill to a floor vote where it runs the risk of… Continue Reading →

Despite Party Squabbling, Congress Close to a Budget Deal to Avoid a Shutdown

GOP House leadership and Senate Democrats from both parties have arrived at a budget bill for $1.1 trillion. However, word has it that House conservatives have in fact revolted against the bill for giving up too many key issues in… Continue Reading →

Christian Broda is the Intellectual of Wall Street

While most academics remain isolated in their ivory tower offices, a precious few get involved in the public arena to make things better for the masses of people. These experts are sometimes public intellectuals who critique social problems. Others offer… Continue Reading →