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Hillary 4 Latinos

Weeks ago, former First Lady Hillary Clinton made her bid for the Presidential Election. The response to Hillary‚Äôs bid was immediate. Supporters of the original Hillary campaign and fans of her husband Bill have hit the airwaves and internet soundboards… Continue Reading →

Carly Fiorina Announces Campaign for GOP Presidential Nomination

On Monday, Carly Fiorina, age 61, formally announced her intention to seek the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination. The woman, who is touted by many as a corporate wonder woman, will base her qualifications on the office of the presidency on… Continue Reading →

Hillary, her way.

The TPP is an acronym for Trans Pacific Partnership. This the controversial trade deal with 12 pacific nations. The deal has been lauded by republicans, but is also hated by democrats. This is especially true for progressives. The de facto… Continue Reading →

Bernie Sanders Says That He Is Running In This Election to Win

Bernie Sanders has expressed his desire to run for Democratic Party nominations. He certainly faces a tough opposition from Hillary Clinton but he is convinced that he can win by getting support from overworked and underpaid American citizens. He has… Continue Reading →

Hillary’s Scandalous Background May Ruin Her

Hillary Clinton is hoping that she can become the first woman president in the history of America. Clinton ran in the 2008 elections, but she lost to President Barack Obama. Many people thought that Hillary Clinton gave up her presidential… Continue Reading →

Clinton Foundation Acknowledges That It Made Accounting Errors

The spokesperson for the Bill and Hillary Foundation stated that after an internal as well as an external review of its accounting practices over the past several years, it has uncovered some accounting errors and is working quickly to correct… Continue Reading →

President Obama Makes It Clear He No Longer Has Restraints on Furthering His Agenda During Lame Duck Years

Anyone expecting President Obama to begin wrapping up his presidency during the lame duck session are grossly mistaken. At the annual White House Correspondents’ Association this past Saturday, the president adopted a new term to underscore his attitude about constitutional… Continue Reading →

Politics Have Become More Like Competitive Sporting Events, One Study Claims

Bipartisanship has become almost impossible in today’s political atmosphere, creating an extremely polarized approach to debates and policy making, or many times lack of policy making because no one is willing to make a compromise by finding common ground. Instead,… Continue Reading →

Biscuits Instead of Burgers

On a day that some people have associated with marijuana, McDonald’s is trying something new with the menu. There is no clarification as to whether the date has anything to do with McDonald’s serving breakfast all day instead of stopping… Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow: A New Contract

Tim Tebow signed a one year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tim Tebow, well-known quarterback, signed the contract on Sunday. However, the contract terms have not been disclosed yet. Tim Tebow was the Eagles quarterback last month so he must… Continue Reading →