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A Woman Will Be On The $10 Bill In 2020

Some exciting news in the political world and in American culture is that there will be a new face on the $10 bill in the year 2020. According to an article found on reddit and written by CNN Money, the… Continue Reading →

The Statue of Liberty Arrived 130 Years Ago This June

It has now been over 130 years since the great and iconic Statue of Liberty has made its way across the seas to New York City. According to an article found on reddit and written by Time Magazine, the statue… Continue Reading →

Southern Baptists Make A Stance on Homosexuality

Those Southern Baptists are making the news again. This time they are strongly opposing gay marriage among their members. What will this do to the members who are already homosexual? The meeting took place in Columbus, Ohio where Pastor Ronnie… Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton Was For TPP Before She Was Against It – 45 Times

Over the weekend, it appears that Hillary Clinton has taken a new position on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade accord. Now, she is calling on President Obama to work with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to essentially go back… Continue Reading →

Lincoln Chafee Seems Destined to Capture the Metric Advocate Vote

In modern politics today, there appears to be an advocacy groups for every imaginable initiative, medical or emotional disorder, etc. It turns out that ever since Congress passed a law in 1975 to make the switch to the metric system,… Continue Reading →

Senator Sanders Praises House Democrat’s Temporary Victory Over TPA – Hillary Clinton Mum

On Friday, House Democrats rejected the GOP’s political sop called Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). The bill was designed to break off enough Democrat votes to secure passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) for President Obama. TPA is viewed as critical… Continue Reading →

The United States Is Backing The Iraqi Government And US Military Support May Never End

The President Recently Announced That 500 Military Personal Will Return To Iraq As Advisors The Iraq war never ended. The conflict between the different religious factions never stopped. The country was a great candidate for a terrorist takeover when the… Continue Reading →

Fox Adds Political “Forums” for Tier-2 Candidates that Do Not Make the Cut for the First Debate

No serious GOP presidential hopeful wants to be among the tier-2 candidates that fall short of getting an invitation to the first presidential debate hosted by Fox News. Yet, the reality is the Fox News Network cannot conduct a serious… Continue Reading →

New York City Mayor Unofficially Shows Some Support for Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton appears to be a shoe-in for the Democratic Party’s nomination as their candidate for president in 2016. She has some competition, but with many donors already locked up, the potential field on the Democratic side of the political… Continue Reading →

Keeping Food on the Table

It’s no secret that Republican and GOP politicians are not completely supportive when it comes to government funded and assisted programs. A budget plan was recently passed that would suggest that Republicans have changed their mind on the matter. Earlier… Continue Reading →