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Belo Horizonte City Council Honors Leading Sponsor of Sport in Brazil, Ricardo Guimaraes

Ricardo Guimaraes has been the head of the family business, BMG bank, since 1998. BMG bank has become a leader in payroll loans. This success is attributed to the skillful management of Ricardo Guimaraes. He has overseen the growth of… Continue Reading →

Banco BMG’s Bank Executive Marcio Alaor Life History

Marcio Alaor was born in Santo Antonio town and currently lives in Rio. Alaor is a known entrepreneur and an in investor. He works with Banco BMG bank as a senior executive. Executive Alaor recently made a release on Tag… Continue Reading →

Strong Influences Behind Brazil’s Economic Growth

Some of the needed items included in the remodel or building of a home include ceiling lining to fit out the inside spaces and insulating material for protection, keeping it structurally adequate. Many building materials however cause deforestation, depleting land… Continue Reading →

US Money Reserve And Gold

The US Money Reserve has years of experience working with gold specialists and knowing the value of this commodity. When you want to invest in gold coins, The US Money Reserve is one of the best places to do business… Continue Reading →

Anticipating Better Days in 2016 Stock Market.

James Dondero has over thirty years of experience in equity markets and credits. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management and also the Co-founder. Mr. Dondero graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia; he… Continue Reading →

Koch is Not Happy with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

Two billionaires have been involved in the Republican Party. They are known as the Koch brother. Charles Koch, however is not happy with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Charles G. Koch is a little concern with the direction that Donald… Continue Reading →

U.S. Money Reserve Favors Elimination of the Penny

In a recent interview on CNBC Squawk Box, Philip Diehl, president of the U.S. Money Reserve, stated that the U.S. penny costs more to mint than it is worth. He spoke, compellingly, about eliminating the penny, itself, saying that only… Continue Reading →

Ricard Guimaraes: A Leader in Brazilian Entrepreneurship

A recent online article on R7.com released the results of a study that was a joint effort of Endeavor and Meta, the British research institute. Ricardo Guimaraes, CEO of Banco BMG, noted that the study profiled Brazilian entrepreneurs as high… Continue Reading →

Beneful Dog Food News Recap

The average life span of dog is around 12 to 15 years. Over the centuries, dogs have become renowned for being intensely loyal to their owners. The feeling is mutual for those who own the dog, and after a period… Continue Reading →

Sergio Cortes Reveals about the Auction Event of Michael Jackson’s Gloves

Sergio Cortes was born in Spain on July 1971. Sergio Cortes has made a great impact in the entertainment industry. Sergio Cortes started emulating Michael Jackson from his childhood. His passion for art development was elevated by his mother who… Continue Reading →