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Igor Cornelsen’s Tips For Smart Investing In Brazil

Although most of the recent news about Brazil relates to the 2016 Olympics, the country has been making headlines for its economic investment opportunities. With a population of at least 200 million people, Brazil boasts the world’s largest economy. Several experts have devised actionable plans for economic changes. With a good chance for success, those plans could make Brazil’s tumultuous economic past a learning lesson that led to a brighter future for Brazilians. For investors who are interested in getting in at an opportunistic time, Brazilian native and experienced financial writer Igor Cornelsen recently offered three valuable tips.

  1. Brace for regulatory issues. Cornelsen pointed out that Brazil’s market is still fragile, and investors are likely to face bureaucracy, taxes and complex regulations. However, he also stated that people who put hard work behind educated decisions are the ones who will reap the profits in the end.
  2. Network with locals. According to Cornelsen, about 25 percent of Brazil’s residents are entrepreneurs. The culture is friendly and open, which means that making connections is easy. Also, natives are happy to share advice based on their experiences.
  3. Study restrictions on foreign currencies. Transactions with foreign currencies can only be made through authorized financial institutions. While there are set exchange rates in many countries, Brazil does not have a set rate for all types of transactions. However, there is a standard commercial rate that is used for some transactions. Investors are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the right rate for the desired type of transaction is being used.

These tips and a full explanation of Brazil’s economic background were first detailed in a press release written by Igor Cornelsen and reported by CBS8.com.


Read  more about Igor Cornelsen: https://www.prnewschannel.com/2016/11/17/uma-nova-imagem-para-a-economia-uma-saida-para-crise-segundo-igor-cornelsen/

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