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The State Of Architecture Going Into The Future By Robert Ivy

The American Institute of Architects is an association of professionals in the architecture profession who have come together to improve the state of architecture as well as their welfare. The group is currently led by Robert Ivy, the CEO and the executive vice president of the association. AIA as its commonly known is the top most organ that represents the welfare of the architects and other professional designers in the United States.

Robert Ivy is a former editor in chief of the Architectural Record, a publication dedicated to publishing issues revolving around the architectural industry. He has been an editor and vice president of the McGraw Hill publication. In both of these positions, he used the power of the print and digital media to highlight issues happening around the profession. It is for his dedication to this profession that saw him appointed to the senior position of CEO of AIA.

In one of the meetings of AIA, Washington DC chapter, Robert Ivy set out to advise his fellow architects on the route to take going into the future. He advised architects to diversify. This means they need to get out of designing buildings only and look at other opportunities available in other fields. He reckons that most architects limit themselves to building design work which makes them redundant when the sector is hit by an economic storm. The idea is to adopt a design thinking that venture not only in buildings but also in other areas where their expertise is needed.

Robert Ivy also addressed the issue of shifting times in economic circles. He reckons that lately, the building sector is not at its optimum operations. This has rendered the services of some architects redundant. Robert also notes that architecture landscape is also shifting. He notes that the design practice has embraced the role of sustainability. He states that this aspect of sustainability has a positive impact on the way design work will be carried out. As the population of the world continues to go higher and higher every year, architects will be required to come up with new ideas and solutions deal with environmental; challenges that will ensue.

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