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Roberto Santiago’s Fortune

Roberto Santiago is a businessman, who is based in Brazil. In the past years, Roberto never had an idea that he would launch into business. However, his success in blog writing made him desire to invest some of his resources. Roberto loathed the idea of investing aimlessly, so he joined Pio Marxist College to further his studies. He also majored in Business Administration in the University Center situated in Joao Pessoa. Here, his main interest was to learn how to do business and identify which kind of business would be most profitable to him. While he was still in college, Roberto, who was very ambitious, decided to start a restaurant called Café Santa Rosa. He knew that this was not his destination as he desired to own a big piece of land on which he would do business.

Life in Business

Upon working in the restaurant, Roberto made enough savings to invest in a manufacturing company. He started a cartonnage company where he made decorative and utilitarian products. Moreover, Roberto made cardboards in the company and the sales were tremendous. In a recent interview, Roberto said that the cartonnage company was the secret to his success. He said that he made so much saving from the venture and he used the money to buy the land on which Maniara was built. Moreover, the income from the business was also promising enough to help him get investors who could fund the building of the Maniara Shopping Mall. Within two years of buying the land, Roberto built and launched the mall. His vision was to offer all products under one roof, and this has been achieved as the mall hosts a variety of outlets that deal in diverse ranges of products. Case in point, there are supermarkets that sell cars and automobiles, and household goods among other products. There are also high-class restaurants that serve people their desired choice of foods. Additionally, there are casinos and stadiums that host sports and other activities.

Roberto’s Background

Roberto is called a self-made billionaire because he did not walk into riches like most other businessmen. Instead, he built his own legacy and used his own sweat to rise to the top. As is evident through his story, his parent’s did not educate him through college and University but he educated himself.

Mainly, Roberto Santiago was known to many people as a writer in child literature. He was also known by others as a scripts writer and play director as he also engaged in these in his earlier years. Moreover, he later when into blog writing that made him quite popular among many circles. Roberto’s blog was inspirational in nature and he encouraged people, who were going through hard times in their lives. He taught them how to handle the setbacks and jump back into success.


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