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Honey Birdette Shows Support For Marriage Equality With Unique Flash Mob

The flash mob may not be as fashionable as it once was, but the arrival of a group of lingerie wearing models and Honey Birdette employees certainly caused a stir on the usually conservative streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District. The flash mob was organized by Honey Birdette and featured an array of models and employees, often called “Honey’s” carrying placards and signs in support of the marriage equality cause which has recently been major news in Australia.

Honey Birdette has been a brand well-known for its support of often controversial subjects affecting the lives of Australians and the luxury lingerie retailers thousands of employees; even though the brand has begun exploring the global retail markets of North America and Europe it still maintains a healthy interest in the issues facing the nation of Australia. Honey Birdette has positioned itself alongside around 70 percent of the population of Australia who support marriage equality by organizing an eye-catching flash mob in response to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull agreeing to a controversial postal vote on marriage equality. Honey Birdette founder, Eloise Monaghan explained Prime Minister Turnbull was a regular visitor to Pride events across Australia and should have used his personal view on the subject to block the controversial ballot.

Although the main cause being discussed by the flash mob was marriage equality, the “#freethenipple” campaign was also featured on many of the placards and signs held by the lingerie wearing protesters as they made their way through the streets of Melbourne. Honey Birdette has proven a major supporter of the social media driven “#freethenipple” campaign which has attracted many high profile celebrities to its ranks; Honey Birdette also found itself at the center of a controversy over a marketing campaign at the Rundle Mall the majority stated remained within the bounds of public decency.

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