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Entrepreneurial tips to look out for from Norman Pattiz

The vice president of strategy in Edison Research Tom Webster and the executive chairman of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz recently announced the results of the advertising tests conducted to five consumer brands across various services and products. The research conducted in the previous year showed the positive outcomes of the podcast advertising services and also outlined the benefits gained by the companies that used the platform to advertise their products and services.

The research conducted saw the commercial based goods and services receive a lot of awareness after advertisement followed by automobile and garden products. Many people were seen to have plans of purchasing a particular product after its advertising as compared to the time when it was not accessible to people in the market.

Norman Pattiz believes that the advertising strategy of PodCastOne company is more efficient as compared to the other traditional ways of marketing products and services. Besides, the vice president of the research organization believes that PodcastOne advertising platform has one of the best advertising services.

Besides, the study conducted by the group first measures the popularity as well as the use of a particular product and service before it`s advertisement, then later they measure its level of purchase and awareness after its advertisement. By doing so, the organization can produce the best results with enough evidence to support their claims.

Norman Pattiz has a lot of experience in the business field and has worked with many companies including the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States, which caters for proper nonmilitary broadcasting services as well as other national media operations.

Norman is a hard believer in implementation and seeks to invent new ideas and later bring them to life. He urges entrepreneurs to critically evaluate their strengths as this enables them to beware of things that may be challenging for them to implement.

Norman also encourages entrepreneurs to be active as well as engage themselves with other people, including their employees as they get to acquire new ideas from them. He still warns investors not to venture into businesses that can negatively affect their other enterprises.

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