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A Brief Look into the ClassDojo App

When ClassDojo emerged into the world of smartphone technology back in 2011 it quickly became the number one educational app in the country. At least 90% of all schools are now using this application to help manage their classrooms. While ClassDojo has made inroads into the educational community some people might not know exactly what it is. The following information will help to explain ClassDojo and how it works.

ClassDojo History and Purpose

Liam Dom and Sam Chaudhry created ClassDojo in 2011. They made this app to make life easier for teachers, parents and students. The main purpose of the app is to provide teachers and parents instant communication over their child’s in-school performance. This app allows parent to communicate with teachers at any given point during the school day to see how their child is doing.

Teachers have been slowing implementing this technology into their classrooms since it was created. Now it is virtually a standard tool for helping educators with their challenge of controlling students and providing them with high quality information.

The ClassDojo Parent Factor

Many parents are just as frustrated with the school system just like teachers. They just want their child to better while they are away in a place of learning. ClassDojo helps to make their experience better by giving them more control and freedom with contacting their child.

A parent can link up a ClassDojo account onto their mobile device with their child’s teacher. This will help them to keep track of their child’s performance throughout the day. ClassDojo helps parents not to feel so surprised and upset if they find out that their child has not been on task.

ClassDojo is an app that makes sense. It is practical and effective for communication within the classroom. It helps to keep parents involved and it helps to reduce the frustration that is an inherent part of the school environment. Simply put, ClassDojo is an app that provides good results for just about everyone involved in the school system.



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