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End Citizens United Is A Community Outreach For Us

I work with a number of people who are interested in changing the way we hold elections, and I have been a strong proponent for many years of increased accountability. End Citizens United is a super PAC that was created to stop the influx of money into Washington politics. They want to stop all special interests, and they want to raise enough money to spread their message across America. Someone who has not heard of End Citizens United may read about them online, and we are doing outreach in the community. This article explains how someone like me may help this cause grow.


#1: What Does End Citizens United Do?


End Citizens United is an advocacy organization that offers a number of resources that explains the political finance culture in America. Someone who has questions about how the PAC works may read about them online, and they may attend events in their community. Someone who wants to know how much big money has been put into government will be amazed at the massive amount of money that is spent on everything from campaigns to candidates.


#2: The Importance Creating Information


End Citizens United wants to ensure that information is sent out as much as possible, and they will give a number of reasons for someone to fight against big government. There are many people who simply do not know how large and widespread the problem is, and there are many other people who are reading every day because they want to be more educated on the issues.


#3: Learning Who Should Be Running


End Citizens United is working quite hard to ensure that they are given the finest options for candidates in each race. They release information online that helps people learn, and they have given the people in various communities chances to learn how big money has impacted how they live. These people are often put in a place where they must accept people who are not right for office, and they may find someone who refuses to accept big money.


#4: Our Fundraising Opportunities


The fundraisers who have started are ensuring that a number of people will have the finest opportunities to help in their community. We have many different events coming up that will allow us to raise more than the initial $4 million we have raised. We will use every dollar to attempt to change the campaign finance laws of the land. We need as many hands as possible to help us grow.


There is a reason why big money must be removed from all government, and someone who is search for a simple way to change the country may volunteer with us in this effort.


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