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Talos Energy Examined

Talos Energy is an independent gas and oil company operating out of Houston Texas. Talos Energy is a newly formed partnership which purchases assets within the Gulf Coast. Talos Energy formed a partnership with Appolo Global Management Group.

Talos actually develops deep water assets within the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, Talos explores assets using available resources as well as innovative techniques. In addition, Talos has implemented the use of size mic technologies when exploring and optimizing assets.

Talos is a company that seems to be growing at a rapid pace. The company has a strong commitment to designing environmentally compliant operations. Talos is always exploring new and safer ways in which to operate.

Thomas Duncan is the President as well as the CEO of Talos Energy. In addition, Stephen Heitzman is the Chief Operating Officer of Talos Energy. Members of the management team have extensive experience within geological as well as operational acquisitions.

Currently, Talos has an borrowing base of approximately $475 million dollars. The $475 million borrowing base was announced in May 2017. A large portion of Talos initial production stemmed from the Tornado discovery.

Talos was made possible by two private equity providers seeking to build a company within the Gulf of Mexico. Talos later acquired two blocks of off shore in Mexico. When the two blocks of off shore were acquired, it was considered the first historical lease sale in over 65 years.

The main goal of Talos Energy is to deliver the best possible growth as well as production by fully utilizing technological resources as well as existing industry relationships. Strong industry relations can help the company to continue to grow and prosper.

Finally, focusing upon geological trends related to existing company assets can ultimately help to lower the risk profile and invest in high return and profitable projects. This would certainly be an ideal scenario for Talos and the company is certainly working to achieve that goal.

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