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Jason Hope has big hopes for the Internet of Things

In some ways, the 20th century has seen dramatic technological improvements. This was particularly true in the beginning of the 20th century, when inventions such as plains, cars, refrigeration and many other transformative improvements to people’s daily lives appeared for the first time. However, in the latter half of the twentieth century most technological advances were driven by computer technology. While this has certainly allowed for dramatic transformations of many aspects of people’s daily lives, others have remained largely the same. No longer do we see the radical disruptions that were common to the early periods of the Industrial Revolution. Today, the technological developments have been much less severe. Someone may go from an older version of a laptop to a newer version.

But revolutions in social structure, such as the shift of society from being a largely agrarian one populated by peasant farmers to a largely urban populous dominated by mechanized industry in the cities are no longer commonly seen. Jason Hope believes that this may begin to change once again. Hope sees the coming technologies of the Internet of Things as being potentially transformative on the same scale as the early Industrial Revolution. He believes that people’s lives will be dramatically changed in ways that will allow for increased productivity, decreased workdays and vastly more at leisure time.

Hope sees these coming technologies not only as a great opportunity for the improvement of people’s everyday existences but also as a major vehicle for future internet entrepreneurs to create wealth for themselves and value for their customers. Hope believes that now is one of the best times in history to be a talented entrepreneur.And he should know. After having founded one of the most revolutionary companies in Arizona history, Jawa, a premium content provider for mobile users, Hope has gone on to start a wide variety of highly successful technology companies. Having beat Steve Jobs and Apple to the premium streaming market by more than 10 years, Hope has proven his visionary acumen, making a career out of spotting trends long before others even know that they exist. Also visit : http://tech.co/author/jasonhope to learn more.

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