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Eva Moskowitz Strive To Change the Education Sector

Eva Moskowitz is an education reformer. She is the chief executive officer of Success Academy Charter Schools. It is worth noting that it is the top performing charter school network in the city of New York. Eva Moskowitz established her first learning institution a couple of years back and as now, her dream has expanded to 32 schools, which caters for over 9000 children in Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The success Academy Schools always perform very well and consistently beat the exclusive schools in the district.


Eva Moskowitz’ role in education kicked off where she became the chair of the New York City education committee’s council. It’s here that she initiated the investigatory hearings. She called on My City schools to supervise what was going on and ensured that everything was going in accordance with the set standards. It is from the experience and exposure she got working with the education committee council that she founded the Success Academy armed with a different school design. The teaching method and the curriculum drew inspiration from her experiences too. She founded the first school in the year 2006 in Harlem. It is worth noting that Eva Moskowitz quit her political office and resorted to founding a school to cater for the needs of the children.


Eva Moscowitz is a believer of recess and that boredom can be the lowest point in the learning process. She has consistently advocated for higher standards of education over the years, something that has really earned her a reputation. She has overcome all the pressure against her and continues to steer Success Academy Charter Schools to higher levels of success.


She started the schools to cater for the children whose parents lacked broad choice. When she founded her first school in the year 2006, her goal was to build a school with a good design. She wanted her learners to excel in reading, writing and mathematics. She also wanted them to develop high morals and values, all this targeting on character formation. She has introduced chess in her schools, which promote critical and strategic thinking.




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