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NuoDB Helps Your Company Transition to the Cloud

NuoDB is a SQL-oriented database management system (DBMS) that is designed to help your company transition from traditional data management to distributed deployment in the cloud.

NuoDB is a NewSQL database that maintains the features of traditional SQL while utilizes innovative technology that makes it easier to scale and transition to processing in cloud computing. Customers want applications on demand and more organizations are trying to reduce the amount of data manipulation performed in-house. Meanwhile, cloud apps and software as a service (SaaS) ease IT workload and costs. NuoDB differs from relational databases because it uses a three-tier approach:

-storage tiers

This multi-layered approach ensures that NuoDB will be able to work independently of existing applications and you won’t need to provide your data on a disk drive, which has been an obstacle for some cloud-conversion projects.

With NuoDB, you move to the computing cloud faster because you can recycle application code and SQL skill sets within your team. You will be able to continually and more frequently update data because the logic is being handled by the database is and not your slower applications.

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