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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty-Andrew Rolfe

There is no bad experience like growing up without a mother and father. Many children have been forced to endure being orphans mainly because their parents died while they were still young. Without relatives or a legal guardian to take care of the orphaned children, life becomes incredibly difficult and might at times end up being messy. South Africa, just like any other nation in the world has a substantial percentage of orphans, some of whom freely roam the streets and neighborhoods. However, the Ubuntu Education Fund has come about so as to help orphans get access to quality education, healthcare and even receive emotional support from counselors. The Fund has been incredibly successful due to the efforts of people like Andrew Rolfe. Because of Andrew’s love for children, he has done all in his power to ensure that the needs of orphans get met.

So far the Fund supports children from Port Elizabeth and gets money from well wishers and donors. However, the Ubuntu Education Fund distances itself from investors and people who would want to offer the organization financial support under a given set of terms and conditions. Andrew Rolfe, being one of the ambassadors of the Ubuntu Education Fund has been instrumental in finding finances to make the operations of the group possible. At the Ubuntu Education Fund, Mr. Rolfe has assumed the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors, a post that he is humbled to head. Andrew Rolfe has been most fortunate to work alongside a character like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and together they have been able to give the orphans of Port Elizabeth hope.

Since supporting the needs of orphaned children is no easy task without money, the Ubuntu Education Fund has resulted to using an ingenious way of generating extra revenue. The new methodology requires you to subscribe to their digital content by paying a particular amount of money. So far they have three active packages that cost between $1 and $11 per week. Through the above approach, you can indirectly contribute to the operations of the organization while at the same time you get educated about current global affairs.


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