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Human Rights Foundation Knows No Fear

With America’s election heating up between two polarizing figures in American politics, it’s nice to see that some people are still giving attention to parts of the world that are in even direr shape. Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, has been protesting and bringing to light, the actions of dictators on the world stage for over a decade.

To understand Havlorssen’s disdain for dictators and finely tuned anti-authoritarian attitude, it’s important to go back through his roots. His Norwegian grandfather worked as a consul for Norway in Venezuela during World War II, helping to divert shipping to the country when his own homeland was invaded by the Nazis. His mother, by contrast, is a descendant of Venezuela’s first president, who had an active role in freeing the country from Spain’s control. As you can see, freeing yourself from authority is a bit of a family tradition for Havlorssen. It’s only natural, then, that his organization would want to look for like-minded talent, regardless of any other political beliefs they might hold. Click Here for more .

When speaking of Thor and his mission, it’s worth noting that he doesn’t adopt the stance of the average activist. There is no doom and gloom when speaking to Thor, instead he tends to steer the conversation’s direction towards hope. Instead of painting human nature as the villain, Thor suggests that humanity’s greatest asset is its capacity for good. Of course, Thor understands that it’s not enough to simply spout rhetoric. In fact, in 2010, Thor and a cameraman snuck into the monastery of a banned church in Ho Chi Minh City. After conducting an interview, they were caught and beaten for their actions. It was only after convincing them that Thor was actually a Buddhist seeker (he’s not) that they were allowed to leave peacefully. Thor Halvorssen at Facebook.

Despite his track record for human rights work, Havlorssen still has trouble with political ideologies back home. His criticisms of leftist Latin American dictatorships has earned him the friendship of some conservative foundations, which has, in turn, earned him the ire of liberal philanthropists that would otherwise support his cause. To Havlorssen’s credit, he views himself as a classical liberal in the vein of John Stuart Mill. In Havlorssen’s mind, what’s more important than his own political leanings is his message on standing up to authority.

https://www.crunchbase.com/person/thor-halvorssen#/entity for more .

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