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ClassDojo Rolling Out New App

For the past five years, one of the biggest changes in the educational system in the United States has been the introduction and inclusion of the ClassDojo software. ClassDojo operates a number of applications, which can be used to tablets and smart phones, and act as educational aids and to create a classroom network.


The ClassDojo network has also gained the intrigue of private equity and venture capital investors. In the past few years, the company has raised several rounds of equity, some of which have valued the company at over $60 million. Part of this valuation is due to the fact that the company already is used in over 90% of schools across the country.


While Class Dojo has had a lot of success with their prior applications, they appear to be growing and developing new apps for schools. The company recently announced that they are rolling out a new application that will help to teach mindfulness and caring techniques to schools across the country.


The new mindfulness applications will go to support the continued efforts by schools to make students feel safe and welcome. The applications will work to address a number of growing concerns, which include bullying and extreme stress that students face. The intent of the application will be to teach children how to respect each other, how to deal with bullying, and how to face and handle stress to find a way to fine more inner peace. ClassDojo started exploring this concept several years ago and should have the new app rolled out shortly.

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