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How Mike Baur Facilitates the Growth of Young Businesses.

Mike Baur is among the innovative entrepreneurs in Switzerland. He is revered due to the tremendous support that he has been offing to new ICT startups in the country. Baur is the co-founder of a startup a development company that is known as the Swiss Startup Factory and has used it to support many young entrepreneurs in Switzerland to be successful in the corporate world. He currently acts as the MD of the firm and is in charge of running most of its undertakings. Before founding the enterprise, Mike worked in the private banking industry and gained a lot of skills and experience that have allowed him to be successful. He spent about one decade in the sector and the banks that he served include Clariden Leu and UBS. Baur joined UBS as an intern, and his dedication made him be appointed as one of the top executives of a leading bank.


In 2014, Mike left the banking industry and teamed up with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer to founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The firm has supported many entrepreneurs in the country and still facilitates the growth of high-potential startups. The efforts of Mike Baur made him be appointed as a jury member during a startup contest that was organized by the START Summiteer at the University of St Gallen. Baur has assisted many young ICT entrepreneurs to access funding and motivation that have helped them in growing their businesses. He has created partnerships with various business leaders and companies to support the Swiss Startup Factory in raising funds to support its acceleration programs. The firm has currently partnered with CTI Investments and Goldbach Group.


Baur’s career in the banking sector has played a significant role in his success as an entrepreneur. When he was still a banking professional, he worked with various startups, and this offered him experience in how to handle them. Mike also cooperated closely with various business leaders, and he currently approaches to be investors in his company. The Swiss Startup Factory is the first company that sources funds from private investors to support the growth of Startups in Switzerland. The firm has also been offering financial and inspirational support to existing businesses that have failed to expand due to the lack of sufficient funds. Mike Baur is passionate about his career and has been striving to reach more investors who can capitalize their money on startups.


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