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Highland Capital Management’s James Dondero Brings Financial Success To The Dallas Area

The success of the Highland Capital Management group has allowed the company to become a major part of the success of the Dallas-Fort Worth area that is seeing an ever increasing level of financial companies in the region. Highland Capital Management has grown from a startup created by James Dondero and expanded to have more than $19 billion in managed assets by 2017 as the company is working with to develop itself as one of the leading community based companies in the Dallas, Texas region.


James Dondero of Highland Capital Management has always proven a success no matter where he has worked ever since he began his career in finance in 1984 as a financial analyst who quickly found success as a financial expert. The career of James Dondero was first classed as a success when he spent five years working with the global American Express company; the success achieved by James Dondero working with the American Express company led to him joining the Protective Life company as an analyst with their startup fund that he grew to have more than $2 billion in assets.


As the co-founder of the Highland Capital Management brand, James Dondero has been at the forefront of the growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth area as one of the leading economic centers in the U.S. of the 21st century. Highland Capital Management is now worth an estimated $19 billion in managed assets that make this one of the top investment companies in the Dallas region. James Dondero himself remains an active investment specialist for the Highland Capital Management brand, particularly in credit markets where the Chief Investment Officer has created a range of different opportunities for increasing success.


Playing a major role in the growth of the Dallas region means much more to James Dondero than simply making the area an economic success, the University of Virginia business school graduate has also look to add to the cultural opportunities offered to residents of the city. Backing both the President George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Dallas Zoo have been ways for Dondero to continue to achieve success for the Dallas-Fort Worth region.


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