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Larry King on the 2016 Gold Summit Show

U.S. Money Reserve had a DRTV show last year, which appeared on various TV channels in the U.S. The program took place in the 2016 Gold Summit where Larry King acted as the moderator. The show also include President Ronald Reagan’s oldest son, Michael Reagan. The role of Reagan was to explain why his father believed that everyone in America has the right to own gold.

The show’s panelist discussed the bull market of gold, dollar’s buying power, benefits of owning gold and the trends in the financial market. The panel members included Philip Diehl, Brad Castillo and John Rothans, the company’s Master Numismatist. Philip Diehl is the Chair of ICTA and U.S Money Reserve’s president. Brad Castillo was once the Sales VP of the company.

According to U.S Money Reserve’s CEO, Angela Koch, the Gold Summit Show was a testament of the company’s talented and hardworking production team. She added that it was an honor to have Larry King as the moderator of the show’s panel. Mrs. Koch also talked about Michael Reagan’s relationship with Larry King. She stated that it was great to work together with the two living legends.

About U.S. Money Reserve

The company was established in 2001. They deal in precious metals such as gold –in the form of bars and coins. Their inventory is divided into four categories: Bullion Bars, Certified, Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion.

The company’s website offers plenty of information on palladium and platinum too. This is a great resource for investors interested in trading these two metals. Money Reserve are transparent. They have clearly listed their prices on their site. Additionally, their rates are always up-to-date and match the market rates.

U.S Money Reserve aim at enhancing their business practices and improve customer satisfaction. They strive to ensure that their clients are happy. The company is known for handling queries professionally. This has helped them build a strong reputation in the global financial market. The company has several years of experience in trading metals. So, they’re able to help their customer protect their savings from various risks.

The company also has a uniquely trained team that is equipped with financial market knowledge. The team can help you find profitable precious metals.

According to Crunchbase, buying precious metals online is a great experience, thanks to companies like the U.S Money Reserve. You can order precious metals on their website. When paying for your order, you can use a check or a credit card.

Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-president-philip-diehl-named-chairman-of-the-industry-council-for-tangible-assets-icta-300322159.html

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