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How Orthopedic Surgeons like Greg Finch Perform This Procedure


Orthopedic surgery is becoming a common practice in the modern medicine. It helps to treat conditions that associate with skeleton and muscles in a human being. In minor cases, the physicians result in a non-surgical approach while in complicated cases, an orthopedic surgery might be the only option.

For the purpose of surgical procedures, here are the two most common orthopedic surgeries that are practiced today.

Total Joint Replacement:

Medical research shows that a majority of patients that require total joint replacement had previously been diagnosed with arthritis. The orthopedic surgery is required to relief pain and enhances the motion of that joint.

Many patients that suffer from severe joint pain are recommended to undergo a total joint replacement procedure. The pain is primarily caused by the damaged cartilage (articular cartilage) that can be found at the end of the bones that form a joint.

The surgeon assesses the damaged part of the joint and replaces it with either plastic, metal, or prosthesis that is shaped and functions like the removed part of the joint.

Total Shoulder Replacement:

Many patients who have required this type of surgery are athletes, particularly tennis players due to the over-use of the shoulder muscle. They might incur an injury that might result in arthritis.

When diagnosed with the shoulder arthritis through X-ray, total shoulder replacement surgery might be scheduled. In this procedure, the affected part is assessed and is replaced with a metal ball, which has a stem that is press fit inside humerus. The process has been credited in pain relief and improving motion of the joint.

Among the most notable orthopedic surgeons is Dr. Greg Finch, an Australian orthopedic surgeon. Greg Finch went to the University of Auckland where he graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

Greg Finch has practiced orthopedic surgery in top Australian hospitals. Greg Finch specializes in spine surgery, especially the disc replacement. He has an extensive experience of over twenty years in this field.


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