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Finance with Holt

November 10, 2016 was a special day for John Holt, who stands as President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital Inc. On this day, he had the unique privilege of serving as a panelist at the Texas Bankers’ Association’s annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was the fifth successful consecutive year of the event’s hosting so far, and every succeeding year only turns out better than the last. Numerous banking and financial terms and topics were discussed in the conference, and several active consultants, banking leaders and strategy panelists shared their voices to ensure that the event was an absolute success. Reinventing community banking is no easy task, therefore perspectives are always needed when it comes to competition through unique innovation as well as constant change in this ever-changing field.


Organic growth and branching were also brought to the table and discussed in more relate-able detail. NexBank mainly offers commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services to suit a great number of clients across the US and even abroad. As of last New Year’s Eve, the company owned $4.6 billion of assets, and that number only continues to grow at a rapidly unexpected rate slowly into the next decade as anticipated, uncapped growth foresight is staggeringly positive; great things lie straight ahead. Treasury management, agency services, credit repair, commercial lending, correspondent banking, commercial real estate lending, warehouse lending, wholesale lending, correspondent lending, public funds, treasury management, investment banking solutions, real estate adversary, savings and checking’s with mortgages and more are available through NexBank as well.


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