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From the Ground Up: Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has completed his Bachelor’s degree from Pontifical Catholic University and a MBA from Sao Paulo University. He has achieved many accomplishments in his career in finances and financial management. He has worked for Morgan Chase as a trader in 1992. in 1996, he joined Dow Chemical as the Senior Financial Analyst. He also has a history of working in many other firms including Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc., and Rossi Properties. He is a reliable investment manager who has recently been linked to helping the investments of Brazil. Cassio Audi is helping bring efforts of financial support and guidance to help the markets and industries of Brazil.

Over the years, Brazil has been experiencing slow growth in economics and environment. Assistance with investments has been given to the financial officers and experts. Among these officers is Cassio Audi, whom has been working diligently to help investors, the economy, and markets of Brazil. In Brazil, there are many different investment management firms that are designed to help the investors in significant ways. Cassio Audi is the prime financial officer for the leadership in Brazil’s investments. The investments that Cassio Audi handles, covers a range of fields all over the world. Therefore, he has a vast understanding of the financial market in Brazil and he is able to manage many securities. Cassio Audi and the Brazilian Investment Management systems have been using an asset management of securities. These securities include bonds and shares, which are designed to meet investment goals of the investors. The investors may include pension funds, insurance companies, and charities.

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