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Lime Crime Releases New Dyes Just in Time For Spring

I wouldn’t need to tell you, as my friends will all gladly describe me as a “fan of bright colors.” The brighter the blue and the more neon the green is all the better in my book. So depending on what week of the year you see me, I’ll probably have some combination of purple, blue, green, or red color in my hair.


And as Spring is finally here again, with its warmer nights and brighter days, it is time to pick new vibrant dyes to match the season.


This is the one area where I have always shifted between product brands, some brands don’t carry all the hues I like to use, while others just fade too fast. I just haven’t been able to find a brand that has everything I need, it has to be vegan-friendly, never tested on animals, and of course, have unique colors.


That is until I read the great news!


My favorite brand of make-up is finally producing a line of hair dyes!


Lime Crime announced on their web store that they will now carry Unicorn Hair Dyes which means all the beautiful colors I use for my eye shadow and lip glosses are finally going to be available in hair dyes.


Readers will often ask me “Why so much love for Lime Crime?”


It is quite simple, in an era where you spend your money dictates what you stand by and believe in, I believe every brand you buy should mean something to you. Lime Crime is that brand for me.


Started by a musician with a flair for eye-catching styles and hair colors, Lime Crime has always stood for indie success and the results of following your passion so it goes without a thought that I would gladly support the brand, plus I haven’t found an eye shadow palette in metallic colors quite like the one I found on Lime Crime’s web store.


So now with their own line of hair dyes, I can finally add the same spirit found in my eyeshadow to my hair style.


Check out the dyes for yourself here.

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