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Clay Siegall: A Dedicated Doctor With A Mission To Find A Cure

Dr. Siegall, in 1998 co-founded Seattle Genetics and still working as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has built a different pipeline of therapies that are based on the antibody to address medical needs of patients who are suffering from life-threatening diseases. He is a scientist by training and emphasis on few targeted therapies about the life-threatening disease.

ADCETRIS® is its very first commercial product that approved in 2011 and after the success of this drug; the company is planning for other product candidates. SG has also entered into many strategic associations with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in oncology. Clay has guided capital-raising activities of SG, by acquiring above US$675 million through public/private financings, including the initial public offering of SG that took place in 2001.

He served on the Board of Directors of Alder Bio Pharmaceutical, Bristol-Myers, Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and much more. He is also an author on above seventy publications and holds fifteen patents. Dr. Siegall earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from Washington University.

Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, SG has entered into numerous strategic licenses for ADC technology, including AbbVie, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Genentech that have generated above US$350 million till date. Across many programs such as internal and collaborator, there are greater than 20 ADCs in different clinical development using the technology that is developed by Seattle Genetics.

Helping patients is the main focus of SG. He earned a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of George Washington and then worked in Pharmaceutical Research Institute at Bristol-Myers Squibb, which brought him to Seattle. He planned to open a company that can emphasize on the research about life-threatening diseases.

When he opened SG, his primary goal is to give treatment to patients and do better than what is being done today with few targeted drugs and for that purpose he keeps pushing expert at SG to search for a cure. At SG, with more than three decades of experience, Clay said that they are working very hard to come up with a drug that can cure life-threatening disease so that people can live a healthy and long life.




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