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A Remarkable Discussion Between Edison Trata And Felipe Montoro Jens

The government recently publicized that it’ll make enterprises through a partnership with BNDES. President Edison Carlos at Trata Brasil gave a recent interview where he opened up to the public and offered few vital points about that initiative. Edison believes that the services delivered will go through improvements regarding structure, management and also resource areas.


The reduction in levels of waste added feature raised by the applicant, news Felipe Jens, who is a specialist in different infrastructure projects. Edison also figures out that basic sanitation has a major percentage of its services performed by the public power and almost seventy percent of users served by different organizations that are handled by the different state in whole Brazil.


BNDES is going to develop customized plans for the number of states it serves, which would base on surveys about the situation that such locations fall. Edison said that with that, the bank could adapt the different project to the requirements of each place. Water loss was pointed out as the primary causes of the low of financial resources in state companies of the water sector.


Edison Trata said that the current Brazilian situation needs the typical consistency of such companies so that there’s a substantial improvement in the monetary situation of civic institutions, notes Felipe Montoro Jens. Observing the indexes that emphasize equality between the numbers of private/public companies which present acceptable levels of performance among the people, Trata makes it very clear that the fact that a company is efficient isn’t classified indeed by the administration it has.


Felipe Jens is an expert of infrastructure and to achieve his milestone; he did extensive research on it. He completed the undergraduate program from Getulio Vargas Foundation following a post-graduate certificate from the Thunderbird School. Presently, he’s is working on the key post at Energipar Captacao S.A, as its CEO.

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