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The Differences Made By Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is a native of Austin Texas and a major force in politics. This began when she was 21 and held the position of Chief of Staff. Andrea McWilliams founded McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants and has received national recognition as a lobbyist and a skilled strategist. The Austin Business Journal named her the Top lobbyist in 2009.

Andrea McWilliams works with her husband Dean McWilliams in crafting legislation and policies on behalf of their clients. They are a rather unique Republican and Democratic team and make certain their clients receive a well rounded representation. Their track record is extremely solid.

Andrea McWilliams passed incentives for $100 million in the Legislatives 81st session. She made Texas the very first location worldwide in an advanced and clean coal power plant designed to capture carbon. In 2007 she saved a cancer research package worth $3 billion.

Andrea McWilliams resides a the historic Old Enfield neighborhood. Her philanthropy is quite well known and she has held numerous philanthropic positions. She is a member of the St. David’s Toast of the Town committee as well as the Long Center’s Notable Women. Additionally she received the honorary chair for the Mamma Jamma Ride on 2012.

Andrea McWilliams believes her best characteristic is her strength is adverse situations. She is happiest when being hugged by all three of her children. She has a difficult time waiting for anything and adores soufflé at La Grenouille. Her favorite quote is from Theodore Roosevelt when he spoke of credit belonging to the man who fights in the arena. The man who makes mistakes but keeps trying and who understands failure will eventually lead to success if it is backed with effort.

Andrea McWilliams devotes herself to the causes she believes in and she makes an important difference. She will continue to fight for what she believes is right.


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