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Be the Unicorn you Have Always Wanted to Be

Have you ever wanted to be a unicorn? Are you mesmerized by their colors? Well you are just in luck! A new line of hair dye has just hit the market, and it is called “Unicorn Hair ” by Lime Crime. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from bright blue, pink and green, to a deep purple and grey. Compared to other hair dyes,this new hair dye will NOT damage your hair because it does NOT contain bleach, peroxide or ammonia. It is made with vegetable glycerin, and it has been confirmed to be vegan. There are additional ingredients in the dye that will help to condition the hair and prevent damage.

Each bottle is $16 and comes in full coverage and tint formulas. Full coverage was designed to add deep, rich color and tint is used for creating a pastel glaze. Lime Crime recommends that the dye be used on medium blonde or lighter hair. If you have darker hair, do not fret, you can still use Unicorn Hair. Darker haired people have two options, either lighten your hair or it will look more of a pastel color with darker hair. The full coverage normally lasts approximately 10-12 washes and the tint will last 8-10 washes. When your color starts to fade, it was designed to fade gracefully and will not become patchy or turn a distorted color.

One last thing to remember about the Unicorn Hair dye, is to have fun and be creative. There is no wrong choice in what you decide to do and your color options are limitless.

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