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Voting Rights Top the List of U.S. Concerns for George Soros

The right of every U.S. citizen to vote freely and without oppression is something that is supposed to be guaranteed for all American’s by the Constitution; recent law changes in many conservative controlled states have seen restrictions placed on many members of minority groups seeking to vote in elections from local through to national levels prompting liberal political donor George Soros to take a stand against what he sees as a loss of human rights. Politico reports the hedge fund manager who saw his own successful fund rise at record levels each year for over two decades to now be finding new ways of giving his financial backing to liberal groups fighting for the rights of voters, which includes taking on wealthy donors like himself who have the financial backing to influence elections on a large scale.

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Forbes reports George Soros has built a major personal fortune over the course of his career that saw him complete a refugee journey taking him from Hungary to the London School of Economics before arriving in New York in the late 1950s. Soros is reported to now be worth a staggering $25 billion and has donated an amazing figure of more than $12 billion to a number of groups, including his own charitable Open Society Foundations, which have been created to promote the cause of democracy around the world for those who are living under dictatorships and closed governments. During his time at the London School of Economics, George Soros came under the influence of philosopher Karl Popper who developed his own open society theories, included in his theory was a view of the U.S. Constitution that saw it as a document that should be fought for at all times; George Soros continues to fight for the rights of people in the U.S. that many feel should be a God given right, but that Soros and his supporters feel can be lost if they are not fought for each and every day.

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In a bid to protect the right of every American to vote freely and with ease George Soros has provided more than $5 million in funding to the Voting Rights Trust that was developed by former Hillary Clinton legal advisor Marc Elias. The group has set out to protect the rights of voters who are seeing their options for voting lost within Republican controlled states across the U.S. The donation made by George Soros to the End Citizens United group may not be as large at just $50,000, but it is not less important as it is the maximum permitted donation to this grassroots funded campaign to overturn the right of wealthy donors to have an open check book during election season.

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