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These WWE Wrestlers Have Or Have Had An Adult Entertainment Career


The wrestler Bubba Ray Dudley of the tag team partnership The Dudley Brothers had always wanted to become a porn director. He got his wish when he teamed up with a porn director and wrestling promoter named Rob Black. Bubba Ray Dudley has never revealed which pornographic films he has directed or created. He has said that he has worked alongside porn superstar Ron Jeremy. Fearing backlash for WWE porn accusations, Bubba Ray Dudley also had a limited cameo appearance in a porn clip called Whack Attack 5 where he was fully clothed.


The wrestler known as Beulah McGillicutty, was featured in a video that had her masturbating while fully nude. This video became viral after it was leaked and circulated on the internet. Belulah whose real name is Trisha Laughlin said that the video was made only for her partner and fellow wrestler, Tommy Dreamer. She had not done any other pornographic films besides that one, and had no intention of participating in real sex in movies.


Shelly Martinez was a female wrestler who had the stage names Ariel and Salinas while wrestling. Her pornographic career includes being a nude-pin model and then being an actor in softcore porn videos where she has intercourse with men. She also did a film called The Notorious Jewel De’Nyle & Shelly Martinez where she is featured alongside a fellow female pornstar. Today former wrestler Shelly Martinez is very active in horror pornography production and the horror film industry.


Lizzy Borden is the wife of wrestling promoter and porn producer Rob Black. Borden wrestled for her husbands wrestling company and also performed in his porn production company. She has been featured in pornographic films such as Cannibalism: The Last Supper and Forced Entry, Borden.

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